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About Grenada
Grenada, GD
Sunrise: 6:12 am
Sunset: 5:40 pm

About Grenada

Facts about Grenada West Indies

Capital: St George’s

Language: English and Grenadian Creole English

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (1 € ≅ 3 EC$ – $1 ≅ $2.67)

Population: 110.000

Daylight saving time: No

Visas: Not required for most nationalities

The Best time to visit: Jan – April (dry season) or Aug (Spicemas/Carnival)

Grenada,  known by many as the Jewel of the Caribbean, is a holiday destination for the discerning traveler.  It is fast becoming one of the high-end Caribbean island destinations.
We have put together information for your vacation on the island of Grenada.  The currency, weather, what to pack, the nearby islands, and more.

Grenada Grand Etang

Known to some as the Isle of Spice, situated 12º north of the Equator therefore well within the tropics, Grenada is a truly special place to visit. The warmth and the charm of the islanders will capture your heart and your imagination. You will return home feeling relaxed and refreshed. The Grenada landscape is one of the prettiest in the Caribbean, with many spectacular and unspoiled beaches; majestic mountain views; valleys, and waterfalls. There is a tropical rain forest (Grand Etang) and a crater lake. The island of Grenada is overflowing with banana and cocoa plantations, tropical fruits and flowers, and the sweet aroma of spices.  Despite being one of the more developed islands in the Caribbean, Grenada is quite untouched by commercialism and has retained its character.  Rarely will you see a building taller than a coconut tree!

The capital is St. George’s. Nestled into a hillside above a busy harbor, it is known as the jewel in the Caribbean. Alluring by day and sparkling by night, it has retained a certain charm and character now lost by many of its counterparts. Visit any of the hilltop restaurants or bars, and you will see for yourself how the city sparkles like a thousand diamonds at night. For the explorer, there are many attractions: rum distilleries, sugar mills, plantations, and areas of archaeological interest. There are also waterfalls, a tropical rain forest, and a nature reserve, not to mention some of the finest unspoiled silver sand beaches in the Caribbean, which are usually fringed with sea grape and coconut trees to shield you from the tropical sun.  As there are no private beaches in Grenada, access to every beach must be made available to all.

Grenada Currency EC XCD

Grenada’s Currency

The currency is the EC Dollar which remains fixed to the US$ @ EC$2.67. Traveler’s cheques (checks) can be exchanged at the local banks. In some cases, hotels/Airbnb’s and supermarkets will exchange us dollars for local currency, but at a lower rate ($1US @ EC$2.50).  Many ATM machines are available in the town of St. George’s and Grande Anse area.

Grenada 110-220v outlets

Grenada Electricity Supply

English electrical appliances of the square 3-pin 220-volt type can be used. Transformers are required for 110v appliances. A travel plug or two will probably be a good idea if your gadgets (hairdryer etc.) don’t have that type of plug; European appliances will mostly fit the power supply but the plugs will be wrong.  However, if your booking your Airbnb vacation rental with us, all of our Properties are dual voltage so no need to lug around cables and plus. Book Now!

Foodland Super Market

Foodland Super Market

Grenada Supermarkets

There are three very good supermarkets near a few of our Airbnb Vacation Rentals in St. Georges, all within a 5-15 minute drive. IGA/True Value; FoodFair & Foodland.  There are a few other independent smaller supermarkets in town and local shops with a few items.

Grenada Bus (AKA Van)

Grenada Bus (AKA Van)

Getting around Grenada

This is relatively easy given the choice of taxis, buses, and rental cars available. Taxi rates are set and can be hired even for a day’s sightseeing. Please remember driving in Grenada is on the left side of the road.

Other islands near Grenada

Access to neighboring islands is simple, and there are some superb islands you can visit. For instance: day trips to Mustique, Carriacou, Trinidad, Antigua, St. Lucia; or down to Margarita Island off Venezuela, for a change of pace and tempo. Those are just a few of the many accessible places you can visit while vacationing in Grenada West Indies.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The waters surrounding Grenada and Carriacou offer fun and excitement for divers of all skill levels. There are a number of schools attached to the hotels and you will find them listed in Greetings, the local tour guide that is readily available on the island.

Fishing, Sailing, Windsurfing & watersports

Fishing, Sailing, Windsurfing & watersports

The Windward Islands have some of the best sailing waters in Grenada, and boats can be chartered from the many yachting locations. All of the beaches in St. George’s area will have watersport facilities.