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Airbnb Grenada Etiquette
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Airbnb Grenada Etiquette

From sharing bathrooms to tipping hosts, we explain Airbnb etiquette so you can be a great guest

Throughout our trip around the world, we use Airbnb vacation rental lodging for a large portion of our accommodation. We have been a host for nearly three years and have developed a keen sense of what constitutes good Airbnb etiquette. Here, we share a few essential tips so you can be a great guest.

Who is responsible for toiletries, like toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Shouldn’t my Airbnb host replenish these things?

While yes, if you were staying at a hotel, you would totally expect the staff to replenish toilet paper, when you’re staying at an Airbnb for a long time (say, one month), it becomes less of an expectation. If you’re staying at an Airbnb for 4 weeks or longer, you should buy your own toilet paper and other things if you run out. Realize your host is not running a hotel, so don’t expect them to constantly buy things for you.

Cleaning Airbnb Vacation Rental

As an Airbnb guest, do I have to clean my Airbnb before checking out?

This is a tough question! You’ll notice many Airbnb listings charge a cleaning fee—but just what does that fee cover? While, personally, we do not think you are obligated, as a guest and per Airbnb etiquette, leave the Airbnb as clean as you found it. We feel you shouldn’t trash the place.

What we would recommend to be a polite Airbnb guest and ensure a positive review is too:

Make it clear which linens/towels/sheets have been used and need to be washed. You can do this by stripping the bed before you leave, and pile your dirty sheets and towels by the washing machine. However, it’s not necessary to make the bed or fold any linens, since your host will throw them all in the wash anyway.

  1. Wash all your dirty dishes.
  2. Put all trash into the trash bin.

You shouldn’t feel compelled to go beyond what we’ve stated above, especially if your host charges a cleaning fee. You also don’t need to worry about cleaning floors, unless you’ve spilled something. Many hosts post “House Rules” setting cleaning expectations, and there’s no need to go above and beyond. You’re on vacation, after all — and a cleaning fee is often included in the cost of your reservation. Having said that, though, because many hosts are ordinary people doing the cleaning themselves, try to help out as much as possible. Sometimes guess vacuum and wipe down the counters; others get the laundry started. You do not however have to do this. When in doubt, ask your Airbnb host what they expect you to clean. That is really the best way to make sure you are following that particular host’s Airbnb etiquette rules.

Am I free to use ALL the spaces, appliances, food, etc., in my Airbnb?

If you’ve rented an entire apartment, it’s typically safe to assume you’re allowed to use the things provided in the apartment. It’s common to find food, condiments, tea, and coffee left behind from the previous Airbnb guests or from the host. you can usually use these unless you are worried that they’re not clean or have been previously opened. Often, an Airbnb host is renting out their own home while they’re away. That means their personal belongings are mixed into the rental. In those cases, always ask if it’s okay to use, for example, their food or shampoo.

If you’re sharing a home with a host, then only use what’s clearly there for guests. For example, you wouldn’t eat a host’s food or use a host’s toothpaste or clothes. Usually, but not always, hosts will clearly indicate in their Airbnb listing if you’re allowed to use space in the refrigerator or do some cooking in the kitchen.

Do I have to hang out with my Airbnb host? What if I want to be left alone?

It’s nice to meet your host when you check in, but you shouldn’t feel any obligations beyond being communicative and friendly. There’s no need to chat for an hour. If you’re jet-lagged and the conversation’s dragging on, politely excuse yourself. Just say, “Thanks so much for the warm welcome; I’m tired and think I’ll turn in.”  Most hosts prefer to be left alone and let you do your own thing. Hired a tour guide to take you someplace, in which case you would be hiring a professional tour service, not an Airbnb host.

Truthfully, though, the amount of interaction you can expect from your Airbnb host depends on the type of Airbnb you’re staying in (entire apartment vs. private room vs. shared room), and you can usually tell what’s expected of you by carefully reading the listings. Remember, unlike hotels, Airbnbs are meant to have a community feel. It’s meant to connect travelers around the world with local hosts who will form more of a bond. So, if that is not really what you are looking for, that’s fine, just be sure you read the listing thoroughly.

I damaged something in my Airbnb. Should I tell my host?

Yes! You should.

Remember, some Airbnb listings require a security deposit to be held against your account. If they see the damage, they will take the security deposit. Always be upfront about any damage. Often, if it’s small, the host won’t charge you for it.

Don’t bring in guests without prior approval.

Unless you specifically included these guests in your Airbnb booking, do not assume you can bring guests over. In fact, you should assume you should not. This includes daytime visitors and overnight guests. You should always ask the host if it is ok if you have additional daytime or overnight guests. Some Airbnb hosts require an extra fee for each overnight guest, so by not alerting them, they may see it as you stealing money from them. That is definitely not good Airbnb etiquette. Other Airbnb hosts don’t feel comfortable having guests on the property even for a short visit. So I’d check with the hosts to ensure it’s okay.

Typically, if staying at an Entire Apartment for an extended period, you don’t have to ask your host every time you want someone to come over for a short visit. But, if someone wants to stay the night at the Airbnb, you should always ask your host. Most Airbnb hosts would never deny the request. And almost every host would allow the guest to stay without charging an extra fee.

Should I tip my Airbnb host? This is an easy question! Airbnb hosts are service providers. They set their own rates and they can build in or add any extra charges they need to be covered, so tipping is unnecessary. If you want to show your gratitude for an exceptional stay, write a positive review, note or consider giving a small gift.

Should I tip my Airbnb host?

This is an easy question! Airbnb hosts are service providers. They set their own rates and they can build in or add any extra charges they need to be covered, so tipping is unnecessary. If you want to show your gratitude for an exceptional stay, write a positive review, note or consider giving a small gift.

Write a note to say thanks or leave a review.

It’s a big deal to share your home with someone, so it’s nice to let your host know you appreciated their hospitality. A handwritten note is great, but it’s possibly even better to leave a positive review to help boost their business. And unless you have serious reasons for posting a negative review publicly (like a no-show host or a dangerous environment), use Airbnb’s private messenger to inform your host of any minor details about the stay that bothered you (like a burner on the stove that wouldn’t light).

What if something goes wrong or you’re unhappy?

Give your host an opportunity to correct things before you leave a bad review. Many Airbnb hosts rely on their rental income and most guests didn’t want to hurt their livelihood. But, at the same time, as a guest, You would want to know the truth so you could avoid that Airbnb in the future. Leave a review stating exactly what happened so that future guests could know what to expect. Try not to exaggerate or accuse, but simply state the facts. You should feel good knowing that you may have spared other guests the same experience and stay within the guidelines of basic Airbnb etiquette.

Airbnb 5 star review

Leave an honest review.

Leaving a review is paramount. Airbnb hosts (especially new ones) rely on reviews to entice guests to book with them. Airbnb guests, on the other hand, rely on reviews to get a full and accurate description of what they can expect if they choose to book. The entire Airbnb ecosystem relies on honest reviews. If you check into an Airbnb because all the reviews were glowing and said the neighborhood was safe, only to find that the place is filthy and in a high-crime neighborhood, you’ve wasted my money.

Airbnb will give you two weeks to review a place after you check out—then the opportunity is gone forever. So be sure to leave one!

Message the Airbnb host when you’ve checked out.

There’s no way for a host to know when you’ve arrived or when you’ve left on Airbnb’s platform. Airbnb’s platform should have a feature where you check in and check out, but it doesn’t. Your Airbnb host has no way of knowing exactly when to send in their cleaner because they don’t know exactly when you’ve left. Yes, most hosts have a checkout time listed on their listing, but that doesn’t mean you left at that time. Maybe you left at 5 a.m. to catch an early flight? It can be very helpful for a host to get in earlier, if you left early, so they’re not scrambling to turn the room over for the next guest arriving later that day.

This is not a requirement, but as a courtesy, message your host when you’ve officially checked out. This will make their life so much easier! If you are concerned about Airbnb etiquette at all, messaging them on arrival and departure is a wonderful thing to do.

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