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AirBnB In Grenada
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AirBnB In Grenada

AirBnB Grenada WI – What you need to know before you decide to book

The Airbnb Grenada spotlight

Airbnb in Grenada is thriving thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding between Airbnb and Grenada in 2017. Airbnb Grenada bookings grew by almost 50% in 2017 compared to 2016. With over 300 active Airbnb listings, Grenada was one of the largest markets in the Caribbean. The Coronavirus pandemic decimated AirBnB Grenada. Now that Grenada is opening to tourism once again, come on down and support the local economy.

What is an AirBnB rental?

AirBnB is a listing site, like VRBO or TripAdvisor, or Booking.com, in which homes are available for short-term rental. AirBnB has become both a noun and a verb. A term we are now hearing is an “AirBnB rental”. Whether you call it an AirBnB, an AirBnB vacation rental, a vacation rental, or a holiday home, we are referring to the same thing – a property that is available for rent on a short-term basis.

Is it safe to book an AirBnB in Grenada?

A few unfortunate incidents involving AirBnBs around the world have been reported. Since no one can guarantee safety, the best advice is to choose the best-reviewed AirBnBs, properties. Read the reviews. Pay attention to your interaction with the owners. Ask questions about potential safety concerns such as the presence of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Professional photography is generally seen only among the more serious hosts. Make sure you like what you see and that the pictures are current.

AirBnB Reviews

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all properties on Airbnb have had massive cancellations. As a result, most properties on Airbnb will not have recent reviews. Even fewer properties will qualify for Superhost status (To qualify for Superhost status, the host must maintain a 4.8-5 rating, complete at least 10 books, plus a few other requirements.)

Google is your friend. Most homes in Grenada have names. Google the names of the property and or the location(s) you are considering for your vacation. If you can’t find the property name, Google the images on the property page since many properties use the same pictures on different listing sites like VRBO or TripAdvisor. You might even find the property’s website which would be a major score! Look them up on Facebook. Read their reviews on the competing sites and elsewhere.

AirBnB Location

Get detailed information about the location. Ask about the safety features of the property and the area. The local experience is great but you need to know where you are going. Grenada is a small and safe island, but you should still know the specific neighborhood in which you will be staying. You may want a place in Mt. Parnassus but there are exclusive areas like parts of Grand Anse.

Answers to Your Questions

Airbnb, unlike many other online listing sites, does allow you to talk directly to the owner or the person who maintains the listing via their online app. Most other listing sites fear being cut out of their referral revenue. To ensure their profits, this is their business model. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help guests because it becomes a barrier between the guest finding out as much as possible before booking. When contacting your Airbnb host don’t just ask questions about the property. Vet the host as well. Pay attention to the quality of the answers to your questions when you communicate through the Airbnb platform. Make sure you are definitely satisfied.

What’s so great about sites like Airbnb?

Airbnb became the best way for locals to get involved in the tourism movement. In the process, they quickly amassed a large number of active properties on their site. As a result, sites like Airbnb are a great way to become familiar with available properties in Grenada. Their large advertising dollars allow them to show up on the first few pages of Google and other search engines. Individual properties in Grenada struggle to have an online presence. They simply do not have the funds to compete with giants like Airbnb.

Is There a Drawback to Booking on AirBnB?

The answer depends on your perspective. While Airbnb Grenada is great for finding properties that you might not otherwise find on your own, all is not necessarily a bed of roses. If you are looking to rent a vacation rental or a high-end product, pay attention. You might be better off booking direct. Airbnb charges the guests a fee. It is a fee that AirBnB adds to the cost of the booking as a booking or service fee. This service fee can suddenly make affordable properties seem unaffordable.

From AirBnB’s own website: “When a reservation is confirmed, we charge guests a service fee between 5% and 15% of the reservation subtotal. Guests see this fee on the checkout page before they book a reservation.”

This fee is often a source of confusion for Airbnb guests when they book. Be aware that this fee is not charged by the owner. It is the fee that AirBnB charges you to book through their site. If you feel Airbnb is the only one charging guests a service fee, guess again. VRBO, TripAdvisor, and FlipKey all do the same thing. As a result, many vacation rental owners, property managers, and even hotels are part of the movement to educate guests about the value of booking direct. Click here to book GrenadaAirbnbs.com lodgings direct.

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