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Best ways to enjoy a vacation in Grenada
Grenada, GD
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Best ways to enjoy a vacation in Grenada

Places to go, things to do in Grenada WI

When you vacation at one of our Airbnb’s in Grenada, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Grenada, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Grenada to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Grenada, things to do can include exploring Grenada attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Grenada boasts the same alluring qualities as many other Caribbean islands. The soft sands of Grand Anse Beach call to sun-seekers, while the numerous diving sites summons those who prefer a day under the waves. But once you set foot in St. George’s or on the smaller islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique, you’ll quickly realize that Grenada is not a cliché Caribbean vacation getaway. To truly experience Grenada, sample some rum punch at the River Antoine Rum Distillery and savor the rich scent of nutmeg on a spice plantation tour.

Grenada Belmont Estate

Visit the Belmont Estate

The Belmont Estate is just one of Grenada’s many popular spice tours for anyone interested in learning about the island nation’s rich flavors. This 300-year-old plantation specializes in ginger, pimento, turmeric, and nutmeg. While visiting the estate, you can see how these spices are processed, and wander through the 400-acre property’s gardens, museum, and goat milk farm.

The Belmont Estate plantation offers vacationers tours of its organic farm, gardens, heritage museum, and cocoa processing facilities. The Belmont Estate organic cocoa produced is used to make the exquisite chocolate products produced by the Grenada Chocolate Factory. If you choose to purchase chocolate produced by the Grenada Chocolate Factory, you needn’t be worried about it melting in the tropical heat of Grenada,  the chocolate is so rich that it does not melt. If you are concerned though, you can always purchase the cocoa powder from The Belmont Estate instead.

River Antoine Rum Distillery

Visit Grenadian rum distilleries

Grenada has many distilleries on the island that you can explore during your holiday. During these tours, you’ll have opportunities for a rum sampling excursion before you purchase a variety of Grenada’s local rums. If you would like to take some Grenadian rum home with you, another option is going to the local supermarkets which usually sell a range of high-quality local rums.

River Antoine Rum Distillery has been producing bottles of rum since 1785, making it the oldest functioning water-powered distillery in the Caribbean. Guided tours will lead you through the rum-making process, from the harvesting of sugar cane to the fermentation to the bottling process. After the tour, you’ll be treated to a free sample, but be warned: This isn’t your average liquor. The River Antoine Rum Distillery rum is so strong that you cannot take it home on an airplane, The River Antoine rum is produced in strengths of 138- and 150-proof. Should you desire to carry some home with you, a less potent version is available for purchase.

Grenada Oil Down

Try Oil Down In Grenada

The national dish of the island of Grenada WI is called Oil Down which is made using coconut milk, breadfruit, turmeric, taro leaves, dumplings, and some salted meat which could be saltfish, salted beef, or smoked herring. You can find a huge array of different street foods here including aloo pie, dal puri, fish cakes, and doubles. Oil Down is on an outside fireplace- usually at the river or on the beach. Because this dish is pretty prep intensive it is wonderful to do it with a group of friends while hanging out. Try this scrumptious purely Grenadian dish chances are, you’ll find yourself asking for the recipe!

Grand Etang National Park

Visit Grenada’s national parks

Grenada is one of the greener islands of the Caribbean, you can enjoy a vacation that offers the best of both worlds. The island is developed enough that vacationers can opt for opulent accommodation and still get a wild and secluded experience hiking through the rainforest.

Grenada works hard at preserving its natural attributes, there are wide spaces like the Grand Etang National Park where you can see some of these stunning beauties. At the Grand Etang National Park, you will find many varieties of plants as animals, hiking trails meander around the area’s stunning waterfalls and great scenery. At the center of it all is the Grand Etang Lake, a crater lake in an extinct volcano. Levera National Park is another great option with a beach, a mangrove swamp with a roped walkway, a boardwalk, and an observation tower.

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park 2

Dive Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

If you’re spending your Grenada vacation above the surface rather than below it, you’re missing out on some truly spectacular scenery. Amazing shipwrecks, colorful reefs, and exciting drifts create a diver’s wonderland. Most of Grenada’s diving sites are concentrated around the south and west coasts. You could easily dive just wrecks on Grenada, but you would miss reefs, walls. For a unique underwater experience visit the Underwater Sculpture Park that is prolific to Grenada marine ecosystems. Resting at the bottom of Moliniere Bay in St. George’s, the Underwater Sculpture Park’s subsea art installation depicts scenes from Grenadian culture and folklore. To enjoy more amazing diving inclusive of shipwrecks and vibrant coral reefs. Try the Bianca C Shipwreck near Carriacou or Flamingo Bay for an eclectic experience.

Grand Anse Beach

Swim Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is one of the longest beaches in Grenada West Indies, Grenada’s longest and most popular beach consists of fine, white powdery sand with the gentle rollers of an azure Caribbean. Grand Anse Beach lies along the southwestern coast of Grenada Island, roughly six miles south of St. George’s. You can reach the beach by car, minibus, or water taxi. Despite its enormous popularity, it never appears to be too crowded. Students from St George’s University tend to hang out at Umbrellas; always a popular spot for visitors and locals too. Vendors also rent beach chairs and umbrellas. Restrooms and changing facilities are available at Camerhogne Park, which is the public entrance and parking lot. Hotel guests, cruise-ship passengers, and other island visitors love this beach, as do local people who come to swim and play on weekends. There’s plenty of room for everyone. You’re welcome to explore the beach at any time, day or night, free of charge.

grenada carenage from above view

Walk along the beautiful St. Georges Carnage harbor

The Carenage is the beautiful waterfront of St. George’s harbor, lined with elegant colonial buildings and colorful Caribbean-style dwellings, with restaurants, bar, and shops. Built by the French in 1650, St. George’s, the capital of Grenada, faces a horseshoe-shaped harbor and is surrounded by a hillside of an old volcano crater. Here, you can have a mellow waterfront experience exploring the shops and overall, just taking in the ambiance. There are historical buildings in this area, and you’ll also see fishers going in and out of port, as well as catamaran tours heading out. If you embark on a catamaran tour from this area, there are restaurants that you’ll be able to dine at once you get back. While in this area, look out for the bronze Christ of the Deep statue which has an interesting heroic history!

Grenada Spice Mas Carnival

Play Mas at Grenada Spice Mas Carnival

Carnival takes place throughout the Caribbean each summer but Grenada’s Spicemas is one of the biggest and best and attracting visitors from all over the world including Canada, England, and the United States. Spicemas is the perfect representation of Grenada’s culture, with soca and calypso music everywhere. Things build up from July, and this is a high peak time to travel to the island. Carnival Monday and Tuesday of Grenada Carnival comes to life on the streets of the island the second week of August annually. There are many parties and cultural activities happening around this time, this is a great time to go if you’re looking for a lively holiday with activities happening all around. Carnival in Grenada involves costumes, Soca and Calypso music and competitions, and of course dancing in the streets!

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