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Grenada Carnival
Grenada, GD
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Grenada Carnival


When people think of Grenada, the first thing that usually comes to mind is beautiful beaches, a passion for football, and of course, the famous Spicemas Carnival. Grenada Carnival dates back to 1877 and is well known for its colorful costumes, Calypso monarch, talent shows, dancing, J’ouvert, also known as Jab Jab (a big street party and the meaning of J’ouvert means “daybreak” or “new day”), natural spices and food. Grenada Carnival is the biggest iconic celebration on the island that happens once a year in the early part of August. This island-wide celebration usually covers 12 days starting on the second Monday and Tuesday, however unofficial warm-up parties start from earlier.

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There is no doubt that Grenada has always been regarded as the carnival capital of the Caribbean! Grenada celebrates this tradition linked to its African, French, British and Caribbean heritage, Carnival is colorful, humorous, and full of surprises. Grenadians and vacationers from all over the world gather to watch, participate and enjoy the events.

Some people think Carnival is just a huge street party, but its roots run much deeper than just a huge street party. Carnival started on the island of Trinidad in 1785. When French settlers began arriving in Trinidad, they held fancy balls where the wealthy plantation owners and planters would put on a mask, beautiful dresses, make-up, and wigs and dance in the streets until nightfall. During those times, slaves were not allowed to participate in these elaborate parties, but the use of masks had a special meaning to the slaves; due to the use of masking for many rituals for the dead in the African culture. The slaves would host their own carnivals in their backyards, imitating their slave masters.

For the African slaves, carnival became a way to freely express themselves and their cultural traditions and after slavery was abolished, the freed Africans began to host their own carnivals. Today, Carnival is celebrated in many Caribbean islands and countries. For many who celebrate carnival, it is the way of life and it is an important tradition that will continue to live on for many generations to come!


Grenada carnival consists of twelve days and nights of world-class live music, vibrant colors, impressive dancing, and an island-wide celebration, unrivaled anywhere else in the Caribbean. Grenada carnival consists of twelve days and nights of world-class Grenada’s soca, groovy, and calypso music coupled with its authentic and distinctly unique offerings of J’ouvert and Monday Night Mas, served up to amaze visitors and highlights what sets Spicemas apart from other Caribbean Carnivals.  The masqueraders reveled in the rhythms of carnival and lit up the night sky with a plethora of colorfully branded t-shirts, lighted hats, and wands.

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Almost everyone has heard of the SpiceMas carnival, thousands of foreign visitors attend this event every year. It is far and beyond one of the most culturally interesting events of the Caribbean, something everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime. Spicemas Carnival takes place annually, in the month of August, traditionally it starts on the second Monday and Tuesday, after which life returns to normal.

  • Junior Calypso Finals: The Junior Calypso Finals competition takes place during Grenada’s largest annual national festival, Spicemas. It is a developmental program that celebrates the art of calypso and is designed to showcase the young talented performers who may become rising stars in the profession.
  • Children’s Carnival Frolic: Children’s Carnival Frolic is a Festival designed for the younger generation of Grenada, ranging from the ages 3 to 16. It embeds all the elements of Mas and pageantry, designed specifically to facilitate the kids.
  • National Queen Show: National Queen Show is where the beautiful women of Spice Island shine. The National Carnival Queen Show is the stage where Grenada’s young women compete for the title of ‘National Carnival Queen’ in costumes, evening gowns, and cultural performances.
  • SMC Groovy/Soca Monarch FinalsInternational Soca Monarch is an annual soca music competition/fete event, the finals of which are held on Carnival Friday. The contestants in the event compete for two separate crowns or titles, the Soca Monarch (aka the Power Soca Monarch) for uptempo songs (135 bpm and above), and Groovy Soca Monarch for slower-paced songs (134 bpm and below). The Soca Monarch competition has become one of the most anticipated events for Grenada’s Carnival over the years.
  • NLA/SMC Panorama: Ten bands go steel for steel, in a bid to capture the title of Panorama Champions.
  • SMC Dimanche Gras: Dimanche Gras is French for Great Sunday and is the title of the main carnival event in Grenada called Dimanche Gras Night. On Dimanche Gras which is carnival Sunday night, the calypso competition and the King and Queen of the Bands are held. It is a spectacle to begin the carnival on Monday morning (J’ouvert).
  • J’Ouvert: J’ouvert is a large street party held annually as part of Carnival in many Caribbean islands and in areas where Caribbean peoples have immigrated. J’ouvert is likely a gallicization of jou ouvè, the Antillean Creole French term meaning “dawn” or “daybreak”, as this is the time at which the festival is typically held.
  • Fancy Mas’: Fancy Mas’ also known as Pretty Mas’, is a parade in which male and female masqueraders of all ages dressed in beautifully designed costumes by local and foreign designers and they’re accompanied by Traditional Mas players such as Short Knee, Wild Indians, Viecorps and more. On the Monday Masqueraders competing in the Fancy Mas competition, parade in their costumes or traditional wear, from Melville Street to the National Stadium (Kirani James Athletic Stadium), making their way across the stage, whilst being cheered on by spectators and evaluated by the judges.
  • Monday Night Mas: Monday night mas is a parade of lights, held in Grenada West Indies on Carnival Monday Night where spectators gather on the streets of St. George’s entertained by thousands of masqueraders enjoying themselves whilst dancing in the streets to some of the local Soca music, in their neon and brightly colored garments, lighted hats, wands and led lighting instruments.

For more information, contact the Spicemas Corporation.

The people of Grenada make the Spicemas experience memorable and enjoyable with their warm hospitality and visible pride in their music and culture.

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