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How To Be the Perfect Airbnb Guest
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How To Be the Perfect Airbnb Guest

The Airbnb Don’t list:

The Airbnb Don’t list:

Don’t turn up without warning
Don’t arrive with a pet (unless you agreed to this with your host beforehand)
Don’t bring along a friend who was not mentioned as part of your booking
Don’t have sleepovers unless you check with your host
Don’t be noisy
Don’t overwork the Air conditioner
Don’t treat your accommodation like a hotel
Don’t have overly-long showers
Don’t leave your things in common areas unless you’ve been allowed specific space (i.e. a shelf in the fridge or rack in the bathroom)

With each Airbnb stay, our goal is to be the guests our host would happily invite back. Whether you’re a seasoned Airbnb traveler or brand new to the community, here are 10 tips to become the ideal Airbnb guest.
If you’re someone who usually stays in hotels when you visit Grenada, the thought of arriving at a stranger’s house in a foreign city and staying in their spare room or Airbnb apartment can be rather daunting. Yes, there are house rules that you can follow but what about the unspoken rules? How much chatting with your host is too much when you first arrive? Is it rude to ask lots of questions about public transport, local shops and where to find the best roti?


Communication with your host

In the Airbnb ecosystem, guests send the very first message and therefore often set the communication tone. Whether you’re sending a booking request or reserving Airbnb via instant book, start the conversation off right with a kind and informative message. Let your host know a bit about who you (and your traveling companions) are, why you’ll be in their neck of the woods, and, most importantly, anything that might make you unique as a guest. The best hosts will leverage this information during your stay. Plus, by offering this information upfront, the host has the opportunity to let you know if their place isn’t a great match for your needs. Here’s an example of what we send to hosts.

Hi Lydia!
My husband and I are traveling to Grenada this summer for Carnival and hoping to book a two-week-long stay in St. George’s. Your place looks just beautiful and perfect for remote workers like us! My husband is a graphic designer and I work in IT. If there’s any other information we could provide just let us know. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you!

In terms of the amount of communication recommended between you and your host during your stay – this will depend on whether you are staying in a private room in their home or whether you have the entire place to yourself. If you are sharing a space, always remember to consider your host. For example, if you want to use the kitchen for an hour to prepare a meal – it’s nice to touch base with your host to make sure they don’t need to use the cooker during that time.

Some hosts will be more communicative and talkative than others and you run the risk of annoying a host if you contact them too much during your stay but most of the time you’ll be able to get a feel for what level of contact is best while you share their space.


Follow the rules

Most Airbnb hosts have a set of rules that they expect you the guests to follow during your stay. Always read the house rules before booking your accommodation through Airbnb because they could save you a bad review down the road. For example, if you’re someone who likes to download movies and watch them during your holidays – you wouldn’t want to stay in a place that has limited WIFI or slow broadband. If you’re a person who parties during your vacations, you probably won’t be welcome in a house that has small children. Make sure the home you choose is compatible with your lifestyle and everyone will be a winner.


Show consideration

Staying with an Airbnb host is like staying with a friend of a friend. Other people have vouched for each of you and you’ll be welcomed into a stranger’s home. During your stay, you’ll double up on your efforts to be courteous, appreciative, and thoughtful, which, incidentally, are the very qualities Airbnb hosts hope to find in their guests.

You may enjoy taking long showers or taking a relaxing bath at home but when you’re a guest in someone’s Airbnb you need to consider their utility bills. If you’re planning on having a late night and you arrive home feeling hungry – don’t bang your way around the kitchen while your host is in the next room trying to sleep. Excessive noise is a good way to gain yourself a bad review if you’re not mindful of others. The other main issue to always consider is cleaning up after yourself in a shared home. Dirty dishes should not be left in the sink. Wet towels should not be left on the bathroom floor and be attentive to your kids. As you prepare to leave the Airbnb, leave the space better than you found it. Follow the checkout instructions and tidy up.


Be prompted

Put yourself in your host’s shoes. Imagine you are an Airbnb host with a business and have a family. You have limited time in the day to achieve the things you need to achieve and some of that time is spent dealing with Airbnb guests. How would you feel if your guest tells you they are arriving at 6:00 PM but don’t show up until 9:00 PM and you’ve waited four hours to hand over the keys to them? You’d be pretty annoyed, right? If you tell your host you’re going to arrive at a certain time – make sure you do. Hosts are busy people and your overnight fee does not compensate them for time lost waiting around for you to arrive. Similarly – be sure to have your things packed and the space cleaned before your official check-out time.


Always try to leave a helpful review

Whether your stay is for a single night or several weeks, when you check-out of an Airbnb, be a good Airbnb community member and follow through with a helpful review. you’re sitting on a wealth of knowledge. You know what makes the place special, but you’ve also stumbled across any pain points it might have. Good hosts want to know how to improve. Whether you use the private note section in the review process or just leave a sticky note for your host, pass on your knowledge. Try your best to leave future guests the information you wished you had when you were considering your Airbnb.


Thank your host

At the end of your stay, take a moment to appreciate what Airbnb actually is. A complete stranger has prepared a space just for you and welcomed you into their home, no questions asked. Thank them for this trust! We’ve yet to find an Airbnb that didn’t deserve a handwritten thank you note. Whether it’s on a postcard or just a blank sheet of paper, take a few moments before you depart to let your hosts know what you appreciated most. Just a few lines go a long way to make a host’s day.

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