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Lodgings in Grenada
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Lodgings in Grenada

If you haven’t been to Grenada yet, we’re sure you know someone who has. This wildly popular island has become a huge destination for cruise ships, family vacations, spring break trips, and backpacking adventures. With so many different areas and Lodgings options to choose from, how could you possibly figure out where to stay in Grenada? Well, each town is unique in its own way, so the best area to stay in Grenada really depends on your personal taste. To help, we’ve listed the best places to stay in Grenada for you so you can rest easy when you’re not out having a blast.

About Grenada

Anyone who’s seen a photo of this paradise island will know that Grenada has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches: Grand Anse Beach and Levera Beach frequently appear in top ten lists, and Grenada has some amazing diving, with a couple of especially well-known sites at St. Georges, Molinere Bay. Grenada has a really good variety of beach hotels and resorts to recommend, from small villa resorts to exclusive hideaways. Our recommendations for the best places to say in Grenada also include a cool, Mt. Parnassus Inn, and some easy city-style accommodations in St. Georges. We’ve also found what we think is a great range of prices.

Grenada in January looks every inch as much the perfect Caribbean paradise as it does in June, with long, fine white sandy beaches and a verdant green interior of misty, mysterious hills. And its gorgeous resorts and mountain hideaways are an escape to paradise all year round. But it’s not all barefoot luxury, Grenada is culturally independent of its neighbors, a real melting pot of heritages, and some of the best places to stay in Grenada do more than just plonk you down in an island idyll, they also show you something of this unique island, with its laid-back vibe, rhythms, and dramatic colonial history.

Where to Stay in Grand Anse

Home to Grenada’s largest airport, Maurice Bishop International Airport, Grand Anse is a great place for shopaholics and party animals. Great for first-time visitors, St. Georges has some of the most picturesque shorelines you’ll ever see. St. Georges is also home to one of Grenada’s most popular attractions, Grand Anse Beach  And with restaurants and bars lining the waterfront, you won’t have to worry about missing out on authentic Grenada cuisines, such as jerk chicken or oxtail stew. Cliff jumping, scuba diving, and snorkeling are super popular here as the white sand and turquoise waters make for a water lover’s dream. So, if you are wondering where to stay in Grenada, St. Georges has everything you need for a memorable time on the island.

Where to Stay in Town of St. Georges

Being one of the island’s most popular cruise ship ports. The Hip Strip and the open-air Street Market are some of the best places to go to browse for Grenadian souvenirs and memorabilia. You’ll have an endless number of excursions to take advantage of. St. Georges really comes alive once the sunsets as you can dance in the club until dawn. With everything it has to offer, this popular Carnival destination remains a fan favorite to everyone who visits.

Mt. Parnassus is a bit more of a hideaway, a charming mess of elegantly. Outside the town it’s lush and fertile, heading up into the hills. This is where you’ll find Grenada’s suburban living, some of which have now been converted into some of Grenada’s best residential dwellings.

Don’t forget that this island is incredibly busy during the peak season and especially over Christmas and New Year. So if you plan to travel at this time and want to guarantee a room in one of the best places to stay in Grenada, do your homework and book well ahead!

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