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The most beautiful beaches in Grenada
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The most beautiful beaches in Grenada

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach

Grenada boasts over 45 beaches, but none can compete with Grand Anse Beach. With over 1.5 miles of immaculate sands, Grand Anse is located in a protected area of coastland in the south-west. A few miles from the town of St. George, Grand Anse is Grenada’s most loved and popular beach, and perhaps one of the most memorable seaside locations you’ll ever get to visit.

White sand, calm water, smooth descent, shallow waters near the coast – all this and more attracts many tourists here. Deep waters start 30 feet away from the shore. Grande Anse Beach has beautiful reefs within its water keeping the unique ecosystem with rare flora and fauna. The water keeps its transparency even as far as 100 feet away from the shore. You’ll feel like you’re inside an aquarium while exploring the natural habitat of underwater dwellers.

Grande-Anse offers tourists a wide array of activities such as yachting, catamarans, scooters, water skis. You can explore the local reefs and dive underwater. Local shops, restaurants, and rental stores operate near the beach if you need a quick snack or keepsake. The beach is also home to countless bars and restaurants serving the very best local cuisine on terraces overlooking the sea.

Levera Beach

Levera Beach

Levera Beach is located on the north coast of the Spice Isle and best known for its leatherback turtle nesting activities – the fascinating and surprisingly large leatherback turtles that visit every year to lay their eggs in sandy nests. Levera Beach also part of the 450 acre Levera National Park that is home to the lagoon an important wildlife habitat for the island.

This white-powder sand beach is fairly close to the popular Bathway Beach and is reached by driving down a track that will take you to a parking area. From there you’ll be able to see the wide expanse of white sand with a private island known as ‘Sugar Loaf Island’ just a few hundred yards off the coast. This island has a sole property and fills the mind with pleasant daydreams of living on your own private island!

Bathway Beach Grenada

Bathway Beach

Bathway Beach officially part of the Levera National Park is a mile long and located on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Bathway Beach is one of the most user-friendly beaches located in the north of Grenada. White sand, trees for shade, and a pretty view make this beach one of those memorable spots that you’ll remember a long time after your holiday in the sun. There’s an information center on the beach where you can find out about turtles and the nesting season.

There are no water sports or dive shops on Bathway. So bring along your own fun. If your idea of fun is just a relaxing day on the sand, reading a book, and taking a swim or two… you will feel right at home on Bathway Beach. There are normally a couple of vendors selling light refreshments. But It’s highly recommended that you also bring along a cooler, and snacks.

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