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Things Airbnb Noobs need to know
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Things Airbnb Noobs need to know

Airbnb is a great tool for making your vacation to Grenada easier, easy to use, and less expensive alternate than staying at a hotel and paying hotel prices, you can often pay substantially less for more space and usually have a better selection of locations.

Airbnb can have its tricksters and traps, and knowing how to navigate them can make a huge difference in the success of your vacation stay. Here are a few strategies to use to ensure your first time using Airbnb is a successful one.

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 Narrow down your initial search. There are a lot of listings on Airbnb, especially in larger cities. If you search for all listings in, say, Grenada, WI, you’re going to have more results than 300 listings.

The best approach is to start with specific searches. Narrow down the number of guests, how much space you’ll need (a private room or the entire place), your budget, and even more specific which part of Grenada you want to be in. That way, you can start off with a small selection of relevant results and then expand your search range if none of those match your vacation needs.

Photos verification. Photos that are Airbnb-verified are a huge plus, as are verified, hosts. Photos that aren’t verified might not necessarily reflect what you’ll see at the property, whereas verified photos have been vetted by Airbnb and are usually professional shots. Having said that, though the Airbnb-verified photos are guaranteed to be images of the property, keep that in mind the professional lighting and angles might make the property look better than it is.

Airbnb-verified hosts have been verified by the service to be legitimate people – in other words, the actual property owners and managers. Without such verification, you may be caught in a situation where a host makes pledges he or she won’t keep.

Message potential host before booking. Don’t instantly book a promising site. Send a message to the most promising hosts, introducing yourself and your reason for travel to the Island, along with a few questions such as whether the host will be nearby during your stay and so on. The best situation is a host will be nearby but not stay at the property with you. You’ll get a quick sense of the attentiveness and thoughtfulness of the host with his or her response.

Don’t start off with a list of specific demands. That’s a great way for a potential host to decline your booking because you won’t be worth all of the headache. If you have an important request or two that won’t require a ton of effort from the host (like an extra pillow), you can ask, but if you demand 12 fresh towels and a mint on your pillow, you’re begging for conflict with the host.

For your first time, select a property with more house rules. Some properties will make a lot of upfront statements about cleanliness and other issues regarding the property, while others might be laxer. For your first time, choose one with more rules. The property is likely to be more expensive if you choose that route, but it’s also more likely to provide a great experience for your first Airbnb stay.

This isn’t to say that properties without rules are somehow bad, just that they can provide a more variable experience, sometimes with unexpected surprises that can turn a new Airbnb traveler off.

vacation early bookingLook for reduced extended stay rates. If you’re staying for a week or longer, don’t calculate your costs based on the stated daily rate. Look at the description page for each listing, and see if it lists a rate for weekly or monthly stays. Many Airbnb properties offer this, and they sometimes amount to two days per week free or several days per month free.

If you don’t see a weekly rate, don’t hesitate to send a message to the owner regarding a better rate for a week’s stay or a month’s stay. Many Grenadian Airbnb owners will happily negotiate a better rate, as it ensures income over a longer period.

Be respectful of the property and its host. If you plan on using Airbnb again, it is well worth your time and effort to establish a positive reputation on the site. The way to do that is to treat the property and host with respect and courtesy. Don’t trash the place. Clean up your messes. Be kind and reasonable to the host without being demanding. More information about Airbnb etiquette

A guest with a good reputation and stellar reviews on Airbnb is more likely to find accommodating hosts and have a great experience on a repeated stay in the future. All you have to do is be a decent guest during your first Airbnb stay – and each subsequent one.

Airbnb is a great tool for finding cheap places to stay on your Grenada holiday and family reunions, but it pays to take your time, interact with the host and be courteous and respectful.

Before booking the Airbnb – If have your eyes on an Airbnb but have a hesitancy about it, then reach out to the owner and talk it out. If they’re a good host, they’ll usually get back to you as soon as they can and answer whatever questions you have that aren’t on the listing.

After booking / before arrival – This is the most crucial time for communication between the host and you. During this time, your host and you will talk out when you will be arriving and when you need to check out.

The arrival part is quite important because unlike a hotel, there won’t be a concierge to check you in, and you may not have cell service to get in touch with the host at arrival. So talking out when and where to meet before you get there will make the start of your trip much smoother.

Pro Tip: Write down their address and phone number on paper just in case your phone batteries die, and you get lost on the way to their Airbnb.

On arrival – upon you arrive, the host will show you the house rules and around the apartment (unless they offer self-check-in). Ask all the questions you need to make yourself at home!

During your stay – There’s really not much need for communication here, but sometimes hosts like to know how you’re doing and check-in. When or if you have time, just reply with a simple, “Great. Thanks.” or if there’s an issue, make sure to let them know within 24 hours.

They would much rather make your stay pleasant and fix the problem ASAP instead of getting a sorry review later on that they can’t do anything about.

At checkout – let your host know when you leave just like you would at a hotel. A simple text or message on the Airbnb app is good enough!

Hey! Don't forget to leave the host a review

After your stay, put the cherry on top of your Airbnb etiquette by writing a review. This will largely help the host by drawing more people in to stay there or letting them know what you liked or disliked so they can keep on improving the Airbnb experience.

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